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With enough calcium, anything is possible!
I run an Odd-Jobs type thing. I like strawberry milk.

((An independent Gintama rp blog. Contains nsfw het and gay smut. If you want to rp smut with me, you must be at least 18 *since I don't wanna get arrested* Otherwise I'm an avid smutter. This is also a hate free and a multishipping blog. ALL SHIPS ARE AU. THIS MEANS THAT IF I AM SMUTTING WITH 2 OR MORE MUSES AT ONCE, HE IS NOOOOOOT CHEATING. I CAN'T STATE THIS ENOUGH. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE KEEP THE SHIPS SEPARATE. Otherwise, have a good day and enjoy the parfait.))

Magic Anon status: None.

Guys. Guys pls. What. What is this. 

290 followers I c—

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